Chicken Mami is the Philippine version of chicken noodle soup. It is delicious and good in cold weather. It’s usually sold at noodle houses or “mummy” with other beef mums, darlings, and favorites like Siopao.

This is the easy version of the recipe. It is suitable for beginners. If you like chicken mami and want to cook it at home, check out the details below. I’m sure you’ll like it.

I have spices that need a spicy version. If you like it like them, just add a quarter teaspoon for the red pepper powder or 2 pieces of crushed cilantro.

For me, chicken mami is not complete without chopped onions and toasted garlic. These ingredients give life to this plate, as far as I’m concerned. Watch the video below to learn how to make toasted garlic.

How to cook chicken mami

Making a chicken mama at home is easier than you think. This method uses chicken breast and fresh noodles inside the bone. I start by boiling the chicken breast with the onion I also add a slice of Nor Chicken Cube. This is my secret component. It makes the listener immediately delicious. There is no need to cook the chicken all day.

Chicken mami is always excellent when accompanied by toasted garlic. These are actually fried garlic that is ready to take a few minutes. The recipe and video below should be able to show you how to make one.

Chicken mami recipe

When it does well on fresh noodles, it is best to cook for a few minutes. You can either soak the noodles in hot water or boil them for a minute.

Mix the noodles with the boiled chicken in a serving bowl. Don’t forget the cabbage and carrots. Pour hot broth and top with green onions and toasted garlic. Delicious!

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