Peach Mango Nuggets make desserts or snacks. This is a mini version of mango pie that is still fried until brown and crisp. Easy, affordable, and delicious!

remind yourself about fried beef worms, except for the ones specified in the dessert.

How is it
This mini dessert is easy to make. I recommend it to everyone, even for starters. Watch the recipe steps below and watch the video for instructions.

Peach Mango Nuggets

Peach Mango

Start by filling out. Mix the mango and peach into the butter, cinnamon, and corn. Get everyone together. No cooking utensils are on display. Set after mixing.

I like this dessert because it doesn’t have to be crusty. I use slices of white bread. Each loaf can make 2 knots. Attach only one loaf of bread with a rolling pin. Cut it in half with a knife or pizza wheel. Fold the corners of each piece and seal when you open one side to fill. Be sure to close the side seals by pressing and holding. It also helps to clean the water and keep it cool.

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