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Monte Cristo is at the first of my list when it comes to sandwiches. It is basically a turkey sandwich and fried ham with cheese. You can consider it a cross between French cheese sandwiches and toast. It is usually topped with sugar and served with jam.

How to Make Monte Cristo at Home

It’s easy to do all of this in your own home. I usually use two types of spreads. The first one is yellow mustard, and the second and most important is the Spread Lady Choice Ham. It helps make sandwiches rich, creamy, and delicious.



Just spread the mustard and ham spread on each side of the bread slices. You can be as generous as you want. Cheese also needs this sandwich. You can use your favorite type of cheese. I use a variety of Swiss. In 2 slices of cheese on bread slices and put protein in cheese.

It would be nice to have more than one protein in Monte Cristo. Ham is most common, and adding turkey or chicken slices makes a big difference. You can also be as generous as you want with the amount of protein.



Because cheese helps bread slices to contain more content than salads, it has to be another protein. Finish by slicing with another slice of bread.

Now, let’s cook. This is similar to making French toast. Put the sides of the sandwich on the beaten egg for 40 seconds. Do the same on the other. Melt butter in a pan and cook each side of the sandwich until golden brown.

Have a great time today. Try this simple Monte Cristo Recipe. Enjoy!


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